It’s Worth the Sacrifice to Stay Home

One of the biggest obstacles to homeschooling is the predicament of finances. How in the world can a family cut their income in half so mom can stay home full time to teach the kids? Especially in Colorado, with the insane housing market, a potential recession under way, and skyrocketing prices, I get it. 

The choice to homeschool (or just be at stay-at-home mom) isn’t just for the wealthy. But it does require sacrifices.

When my husband and I were dating, one thing we discussed was what our roles would look like when it was time to start a family. We decided early on that, no matter how difficult, we would prioritize my being able to stay at home with our children. Now, as a mom, I’m incredibly grateful for a husband who’s willing to work long hours at a not-so-fun job so that I can stay home. 

But the decision also requires a willingness on my end to live a different type of lifestyle. For us, that means right now renting a basement apartment to save money while many other young couples around us are purchasing their first home. It means driving adequate but not fancy cars so that we can avoid debt. It means using hand-me-downs instead of the latest name brands. 

Even in a less-than-ideal economy, staying at home with your children is doable. Here are a few practical thoughts I’ve found (and observed from other moms a season or two ahead of me):

Today I’m writing over on the CHEC Blog …

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