Just & Justifier — Time Alone with God Study (PDF)

Setting aside time alone with God isn’t just about you coming away renewed and refreshed; it’s about offering to God spiritual worship by setting our hearts on Him. Scheduling in specific time — whether it’s an hour or a half day — leaves us the mental space to truly spend undistracted time with him the same way going on a date might give you undistracted time with your spouse even though you see him every evening anyway.

I’d suggest not only setting aside a time but also setting aside a place. You could go to a local coffee shop (as long as people watching isn’t too distracting ;0), go out in nature, or find a cozy spot in your house where you won’t be distracted by piles of laundry needing folded or emails coming in!

I put together the following study based on some time I had with the Lord and wanted to share it!

View below or download the pdf.

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