Julianna’s 2021 Top Reads

Hope you enjoy this short video sharing my top reads for the year!

If you had any books you loved this year, please comment below! I’d love to hear!


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  1. Lydia says:

    These book review posts are some of my favorites! I was hoping you would put one together for 2021. 🙂
    Some highlights from my reading this year:
    – Shadow of the Almighty (Elisabeth Elliot) and Becoming Elisabeth Elliot (Ellen Vaughn). I read these two somewhat in conjunction and really enjoyed the view of Jim and Elisabeth from two different angles. Shadow of the Almighty, especially, I found precious food for the soul. Later, I read Devotedly (Valerie Elliot Shepard) – it clarifies much of Jim and Elisabeth’s story together, especially timeline and order of events that Elisabeth touches on in brief in her books – very good!
    – Two others were In God’s Underground (Richard Wurmbrand) and Evidence Not Seen (Darlene Deibler Rose). Both are autobiographical, describing the author’s experience of God while imprisoned, Richard under the Romanian Communists in the 1960’s and Darlene under the Japanese in the 1940’s. These were probably the most impactful reads of my year – I will be coming back to these again!
    Some lighter reading that I loved:
    – The Big Wave (Pearl S. Buck – set in Japan, a young boy’s experience of a tsunami)
    – Greyfriar’s Bobby (Eleanor Atkinson – a delightful read about a little Skye Terrier who, amidst many escapades, guards his master’s grave in a 19th century Edinburgh kirkyard for 14 years)
    – Marguerite de Angeli’s children’s books are wonderful. I read three: The Door in the Wall, The Lion in the Box, and Turkey for Christmas. The first is a Newbery Medal winning story set in the middle ages; a young boy loses the use of his legs through illness and struggles to find his place in a culture that calls for able-bodied men. The other two are unrelated Christmas stories set in the early 20th century; these families don’t have luxuries to spare, but are blessed in unexpected ways that make their Christmases very special.


    1. Sounds like some amazing books! I’ll have to put them on my list for this year. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


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