Day 12: Advent, Pandemics and Treasuring Christ

Christmas 2020 is an unusual one for many of us. Large families gatherings are prohibited. Already in November, I’ve heard many older friends say with a sign that they won’t be seeing their children and grandchildren this year. “They’re worried about the virus,” they shake their head. Or, “the family’s not allowed to come this year.”

After a full year of lockdown, cancelled plans, and disappointments, I sense most people around me have ceased to be shocked and instead settled for the new, post-COVID-19 life. By now, they’ve learned to make do with changed plans and quarantine.

But what if we believers acted totally different? Instead of settling, what if we embraced the situation as an incredible opportunity to demonstrate our hope in Jesus? After all, if Christmas is truly about him, why should family absences, lockdowns, or financial tightens dampen our joy?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if cashiers and UPS men, neighbors and coworkers, started asking us about our joy this Christmas? What if our overflowing joy spoke to our souls drinking deeply from the fountain of Christ and finding Him far more satisfying than anything holiday cheer could give?

Perhaps God has given us this very pandemic­—even during Christmas—so that others would see our joy and find Christ as their Treasure as well?

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